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(This section will be finished when business becomes ethical)



You are thinking about starting a website to increase your visibility and find some new business opportunities. That's a great idea. But you should first be aware of a couple of things. Be very careful right from the start when choosing your hoster. Repeated bad connections, inoperant functions and lost visitors will convince you to look elsewhere. And that's when the problems start. Your hoster may just forbid your domains tranfers to your new hoster altogether. And he may do everything in his power to illegally force you to stay despite your decision to leave. This is what I found at, the French subsidiary of Lycos, a bunch of crooks.


Did you think about spending a winter holidays at the very distinguished French ski resort of Chamonix? You won't be able to avoid the bad guies, they are at the cable car company. Do not go there, you've been warned!
A bloody report is coming up

Have you ever flown on Air France during a holiday period? That's impossible, it's when the personnel goes on strike, year after year!
A bloody report is coming up

Have you ever heard of the French heaven "Club Med" where you can spend a week in a luxurious resort at some far away exotic location? Your holidays may just turn out to be hell.
A bloody report is coming up

It is against the law in France to name in public a company that has caused you tremendous harm! And if you proceed with a lawsuit, they'll get a simple fine that amounts to 1 symbolic Euro. And then, you'll have to handle the legal expenses - expect no judgement in your favor on that matter. Worse, there is only one consumer association in the whole country and it is submerged with complaints. It's just best for individuals to stay away from buying anything in France!
A bloody report is coming up

Did you plan on a trip to Southeastern Italy? If you need a battery jump, you'll have to fight not to buy a brand new one. If a coffee machine mentions "change given", don't expect it. If you see a huge light sign at night that says "bar", expect a gas station. If a hotel mentions 3 stars, you will pay 80€ / night ($100) for a shack. If it says "air conditioned" and you actually see a machine that looks just like an air conditionner, check its temperature before showing the money... and so much more! This fortunately does not concern the whole of Italy.
A bloody report is coming up

Do you find it logical that the poorest European Community countries should be among the cheapest? They've actually become quite expensive, thanks to the Euro.
A bloody report is coming up


... These issues with names and proofs, links to specialized websites, consumer associations and much more coming up.


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